Hello, Colorful Coloradans!

It’s been a hot minute… so many amazing things have happened this last year – job changes and the two most exciting things: we bought a house and got engaged!

Now that things are starting to settle down, I’m ready to get back into blogging! I’m looking forward to exploring some newer businesses and sharing more things to do with you all here in Colorado Springs!




Denver Comic Con

The Curtis Hotel, 16th Street Mall, & The Brat Pack

Happy Tuesday, Colorful Coloradans!

We spent June 15th through the 17th in Denver for the state’s biggest comic con which is my first big one! My boyfriend and I went all out for this and chose to stay in downtown Denver at The Curtis Denver – a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel so we would be in walking distance of the convention center and could easily walk to the 16th Street Mall area to enjoy the restaurants.


Our room was on the 7th floor which was called the Laugh Out Loud floor. The elevator’s were decorated and when we would get off on our floor, it would even chuckle. Above is a view from our room and the king sized bed that was ridiculously comfy.


We spent the entire day on Saturday at Comic Con. Next year, we’ll definitely plan  out in advance which celebrities we would like to do pictures or autographs with and panels to see. We went to a Harry Potter panel, Riverdale panel, and I got a picture with Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy as well as Molly’s autograph!


Totally fan-girling right now! For those who don’t know me, I am OBSESSED with the 80’s! So it was amazing getting to meet two of the stars from Pretty in Pink!



My hat is from @ladywoolthief (Instagram) and my Alice dress from Zeezo’s in downtown Colorado City!


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Breakfast Soufflè

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

This recipe is from my boyfriend’s mom! She makes it for us Christmas morning and it’s so dang good!

Here’s the recipe:

6 eggs                                                                        2 C milk

1 lb bulk sausage                                                   1 C shredded cheddar cheese

6 slice of bread

Fry and drain sausage. Blend eggs, torn up bread, and milk in blender. Fold in cooled sausage and cheese. Pour into greased 13×9 pan and cook for 45 min at 350.

Note: I didn’t have sausage on hand this time so I used a pound of turkey meat instead. It only takes a few minutes to blend and a couple extra if you do the meat at the same time.


Party Favorite!

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

I have a yummy homemade Mac and Cheese recipe from my aunt but I’ve slightly adjusted it for a bit more garlic (totally optional) and bacon! 🥓 I mostly just make this for parties because it’s even better when shared. 🙂

You need to cook 1/2 a box of seashell macaroni and then drain. I use this Barilla brand from Walmart.

a microwavable bowl, put 13/ of a large package (my preference) of Velveeta (or 3/4 of a small package). Make sure you cut the Velveeta into chunks. Add two cups of milk. I usually half of the cheese and one cup of milk and start melting it before I put in the other halves. Cover the bowl with either a plate or saran wrap. (I always do a plate.) Heat on high for a few minutes and occasionally stir until melted.

x everything together with a 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese, a sprinkle of seasoned salt, garlic powder (or any type of garlic seasoning), and I add pepper as well. Put it in a casserole dish sprayed with Pam (or whatever you prefer to use). I also added pieces of bacon because who doesn't like a bit of bacon in their mac & cheese?!

ke covered for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Then uncover and top with a little more grated cheddar cheese. Bake uncovered for another 5-10 minutes.<<


Trying Whole 30

Trying something new!

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans! I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year’s!

I do pure barre here in Colorado Springs and there’s going to be a Whole 30 challenge starting in mid-January. Now, I don’t know that I’ll do the challenge or not. I’m not too familiar with the program and would need to learn more first. I did decide to try a recipe out though and decided to share that with you all.

I chose the roasted sweet potatoes on page 296 of “The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom.” (You can click the link to find out more info about the program or make a purchase.) I went with this one because it involved only a few ingredients with little prep and not long cooking time. After it was done, I cut it up and mixed it with a small amount of chicken taco mix (includes diced tomato and green chili, taco seasoning, and mushroom) I had leftover from the previous night. For a side, I had mixed vegetables. Even without the chicken taco mix, oh my goodness… it tasted pretty dang good! The mix added a little kick to it. It was very filling and I didn’t feel hungry for seconds or anything else.


Let me know if you do Whole 30, have tried it, etc. I’d like to hear honest feedback.

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2017 Reflections

Happy New Year, Colorful Coloradans!

The word I would use to describe this past year would be growth. I graduated in May and went from college student to young professional. The time I spent searching for a job in my career field that I just the last four years studying really honed in on my ability to use patience and remain optimistic. Working has brought its own challenges but I know that I’ll grow and become better from learning from them.

Around the time I started my job, I joined the Junior League and started tutoring through the Children’s Literacy Center. I’ve learned about needs in the Colorado Springs community. Being surrounded by ladies who serve has been good for my soul. I’m thankful to learn from them. The adorable boy that I’ve been tutoring has brought a child’s perspectives – more joy, fun, and a mixture of hope and faith. Another local activity I started going to has been Girl Crush Social Club. It’s a monthly get together of women in the community to learn from each other, support one another, and for me, some beautiful friendships have come from it.

My relationships with my boyfriend, family, friends, and even co-workers have grown. There’s been ups and downs and I’m sure there will be more challenges, but it’s helped us grow, not only together, but as individuals. Thank you to all of you for your constant support, encouragement, and love!

Something that I’ve done for myself is to start to be more aware of my health and fitness. In October, I started working with a trainer twice a week. I’ve been wanting to tone up but I needed guidance on my form and wanted to use machines correctly. It’s been such a change for me. I’m working with my trainer still and also doing pure barre once a week and cycle a few times a week. I’ve added more protein to my diet, stick to a sleeping schedule, and just take care of myself.

That brings me to my word for 2018: adventure. I want to explore my home state more; especially some spots outside of the Springs. I’d like to do more hiking and camping as well. I’m also working on a better balance of being present and using technology. In 2015, I read 50 books throughout the year and I’d like to beat that this year but generally, I’d just like to read more.

Do you have a word for this year or any resolutions or goals? Let me know!

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Long Time, No Posts

Hey there, Colorful Coloradans!

It’s been a little over a month since my last post. As I’m sure most of you can relate, the holiday season is one of the busiest. On top of that, everything else that is already going on in life keeps me busy enough. There’s so much I’d like to blog about but I’ve been focusing on some other things that have taken priority. I appreciate all of your understanding and patience during this season!

Over the next few days, I’ll be working on planning some more posts. To start with, I’d like to share my 2017 reflections and goals for 2018. If you’d like to share yours too, please leave a comment – I’d love to have a group of motivators supporting each other! Then we’ll get back into recipes, businesses, etc.! 🙂

Stay tuned for more! As always, you can find me on social media:

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Peak Chique Boutique

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

Peak Chique Boutique is located in Old Colorado City and has become one of my favorite places! They have quirky, whimsical styles that I enjoy because of how unique the clothing is. And you all need to know how lovely the two ladies are who run this business. Gwendolyn and Janice have such sweet personalities and make you feel welcome each time you come in! Thanks, ladies, for letting me post about Peak Chique!

And a shout out to my friend, Heather, for taking the time to do photos! I appreciate you!

The first look is the black, fox dress which has received many compliments. During work, I added a black blazer so I still had a fun print but in more moderation. I’m also wearing a black dress extender underneath to add just a bit of length. I love the lace detail and how easily it pairs with most anything.


DSC_0039-1 For my fox lovers out there, Peak Chique also has a green and blue fox print dress with short sleeves and a green, knit one with longer sleeves for this cooler weather.   DSC_0047-1

This next look is more casual and what I like to wear for after work outings or weekend adventures. The green top is very versatile. It can be paired with work pants and a blazer, jeans, a skirt, or as shown, leggings. I can’t wait to get more leggings from Peak Chique because of how soft and stretchy these are. They aren’t too loose or too tight; they fit just right.


The floral autumn print is perfect for this time of year!

DSC_0115-1           DSC_0128-1

And here’s Peak Chique Boutique! How cute is the display?! The inside is fun and different with a mix of branches and twinkle lights. (Location details below.)


I wore this dress for a Halloween event. I enjoy the branches on the arms and bottom par of the dress. This one is also paired with the black dress extender. For work, a black blazer goes well with it. After work, I did a black leather jacket and black boots. Depending on how dressy you want to get, a burgundy, floppy hat looks super cute with this look.





Heather and I loved this door we found along Colorado Ave. I felt like if I opened it, I would end up in Narnia.



Again, thank you to Gwendolyn and Janice for letting me blog about their boutique and to Heather for the photos! You all are amazing!


Peake Chique Boutique is located at 2413 W. Colorado Ave. in Old Colorado City.

Phone number is 719.460.2877.

Website: https://peakchique.com/

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An Expressive Outlet

Happy Saturday, my friends!

I started this blogging adventure this past July and am definitely still a neophyte when it comes to figuring out all the various aspects involved from using the site itself to promoting myself on social media. Why did I start blogging? I graduated from college this past May with my degree in HR and a minor in psychology. I had reached a point where I thought I would need to begin expanding my search to nearby cities and making frustratingly long drives each day.

My anxiety level was rising and I was starting to feel super down. I had already started going to interviews and sending resumes to places not even in the field I had studied for and needed an outlet. I thought about my interests and what I could possibly write about that would engage other’s interest. There’s pretty much a blog for everything out there…

If you’ve seen my About Me section, then you already know that I come from a family of small business owners. People on my Facebook were always posting about needing recommendations or wanting to try new places. Well, once I had moved close to the downtown area of Colorado Springs and was closer to Manitou and Old Colorado City, I was going to all the local shops. I often find the people who own and work in the small business to enjoy what they do and be more upbeat and open. It’s a more enjoyable experience all around.

That’s what inspired me to start Colorado Sunrise. I wanted to share my favorite places with my family and friends and discover new ones along the way. It’s been loads of fun and has opened up learning opportunities. I’ve met some really spectacular souls too; those people who just blow you away with their kindness and willingness to teach. Oh, and I got a job that I enjoy in HR about two weeks after starting this blog. I try to use my spare time to develop my skills and still have much to learn, but I wanted to use this daily prompt to share a bit about the beginnings of this blog and take a moment to thank you for those who read my posts. You all are awesome!

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Sashaying Through Life

“Be so happy that when others look at you they will be happy too!” – Tigger, Winnie the Pooh

I find myself writing not just how I talk but how I generally move through life. Not with a strut that may appear as stiff and stuck-up, but with a sashay. I want to live life to the fullest and I get stoked to share those beyond amazing moments and every singly, tiny detail! When I move, I practically bounce because I often am filled with joy and excitement that’s hard to contain. Also, Tigger may be my spirit animal?! We’re both bouncy, flouncy, trouncy, and pouncy!

Image Via Pinterest

When I write on paper, my letters are sprawling, often ostentatious looking. Even online, everything comes pouring out. Do you know how hard it is for me to use Twitter? Only 140 characters?? That isn’t enough to tell the whole story!

While I could sit here and write all day (and I’d enjoy that), I have to go do adult things before the weekend can really get started. So, here’s my challenge to you on this Friday morning, live today with a pep in your step! Sashay into the weekend like your Beyonce because you’re a beautiful soul that can make a difference!

Image Via Giphy

Have a lovely day!

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Perfectly Imperfect

I found myself going through life quite gingerly. Everything needed to be perfect and done just right, no room for imperfections. I had expectations to live up to. What if I failed the people who wanted me to perform so highly? What if I disappointed them? Myself? The stress and anxiety was too much. I found myself to be uptight, watching every move I made. Inspecting and analyzing. What could I do better? Am I failure? Am I still pleasing every single person?

It took many steps to stop caring, stop pleasing… learning to be happy with myself and enjoy the freedom I have to express myself however I choose to. I interact with total strangers now and am myself. I have my family and a tribe that accepts me for me, imperfections and all. Sometimes, I still struggle with wanting to make everyone happy but I have to tend to my health and happiness as well. People will either like it or not. I live a life with a lot less stress and weight on my shoulders.

How would I describe my life now? Free. Why live day-to-day so cautiously? Experiences are brighter and filled with fun when you finally let go and connect with your true self.


Daily Prompt: Gingerly 

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Gingerly kind of a day? I don’t think so!

With Care – Just Writing!



A Peak at the Springs: Recipe

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

Last night, I decided to try a recipe from A Peak at the Springs cookbook from the Junior League of Colorado Springs! I have two copies of this cookbook so one will be one of the items in the Giveaway for this month. If you’re interested in looking into the cookbook, click here. I also recommend checking out the information on the Junior League if you aren’t familiar with the organization.

The recipe I chose is Creamy Peanut Butter Pie, which is quite simple and delicious! It won’t last long in this peanut butter lover’s home!

Here’s what you need:

1 & 1/2 cups crushed graham crackers                                                                  1/2 cup milk

1/4 cup sugar                                                                                       1 cup confectioners’ sugar

1/2 cup (1 stick) margarine, melted                                 6 ounces cream cheese, softened

2/3 cup peanut butter                                                                       8 ounces whipped topping

I’ll list the steps per the instructions in the book so I don’t mess up or confuse anyone!

First, you mix one-half of the graham crackers, sugar, and margarine in a bowl. If you get a box of graham crackers with the three separate packages, I used one whole package which was nine crackers.


Then you press the mixture into a 9-inch pie plate.


Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven for 10 minutes. Then let it cool. I didn’t really give it much of  a chance to cool down though before I went onto the next step. Combine the peanut butter, milk, confectioners’ sugar, and cream cheese in a mixing bowl until smooth. Then fold in whipped topping.

So, don’t be like me and immediately put the mixture into the pie shell. Wait until it’s cooled! Then sprinkle the other half of graham crackers  on top and freeze until firm. I left the pie in the freezer for about two hours before I had a slice and then put it in the fridge.


I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite dessert is!

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“The Correct Way to Crack An Egg”

When I first saw today’s daily prompt, I immediately thought of writing on the different ways of cooking eggs and the obvious story, Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss. However, I’d like to bring attention to some of my favorite classic movies.

If you adore Audrey Hepburn, like so many of us do, but have never seen Sabrina, I recommend watching it. In relation to today’s topic, there’s a scene where Sabrina, Audrey’s character, is learning the correct way to crack an egg. I sometimes find myself counting to three before I move on to my next egg while cooking now…

Another favorite movie of mine is The Egg and I starring Claudette Colbert. I went through phase in high school where I watched every movie with her in it as I could. You can click here to see the information on IMDB about it.

If you have film recommendations, I’d enjoy hearing about them! Also, how do you take your eggs? I typically like mine scrambled.

Daily Prompt: Egg

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Independently Yours

Daily Prompt: Proxy


I didn’t understand how things could change so quickly.

Suddenly, my life was turned upside down; everything I knew and loved, gone in an instant.

The power belonged to another. All I could do was reveal the truth and fight for justice.

I fought. I won the battle. I’m tired of fighting.

Time to move on.

I now am the author of my own life.

From Google Images

Days of Gratitude: Community

Daily Prompt: Neighbors

Growing up on a farm, I never had very close neighbors. There were people who lived near but each home kept to themselves. Community was not a word one would use to describe that lifestyle. For a little over a year now, I’ve been living in city, while smaller than others, that has brought many folks into my life. I now live in an apartment where I’m surrounded by neighbors. While mostly older or middle-aged with kids, it’s always nice to see a friendly face smiling and waving. Since November seems to bring about the reflection of things we are grateful for, today will be a day of gratitude towards the community I live in.


First Friday Art Walk

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

Some of you may be familiar with the First Friday Art Walk that is at the beginning of each month in downtown Colorado Springs and Old Colorado City. It’s a completely free event that’s open to anyone. It’s usually from 5 – 8 pm and a variety of businesses from art galleries to nonprofits participate to showcase various arts.

This month I’ll be in Old Colorado City at Carnelian Coffee enjoying a latte and work by local artist, Shazarah Wiggins!

Thanks to Kate and Haleigh at Carnelian Coffee for sharing more information about the art walk and to Shazarah for sharing about herself and her artwork!

Shazarah is a twenty-two year old local artist. She describes herself as always having been visual. Her first piece was in an exhibit during the 7th grade. In the fall of 2016, she renewed her pursuance towards art professionally. Shazarah enjoys minimalist designs and geometry as well as space and mixed media. She finds her motivation through nature. In five years, she would like to either be a tattoo artist or work freelance fulltime.
Come by tonight and check out Shazarah’s work and enjoy a latte!
2428 W. Colorado Ave. (80904).

Twitter @CO_Sunrise_Blog
Instagram @colorado_sunrise_blog


Happy Friday Eve!


If you’re not in Colorado, you probably won’t be interested in this Giveaway. I’m planning on putting together a small basket that will include a few gift cards to some local businesses! To get entered in the giveaway, you’ll need to comment on this post! The more you comment on posts, the more entries I’ll give you! I just want to say thank you, especially to my fellow Coloradans, for all the support I’ve received as this blog has developed the last few months.


Emma Crawford Coffin Races

Happy Halloween, Witches and Wizards!

For those of who may be newer to the Springs area or unfamiliar with the story, I really recommend looking into the full legend behind how the coffin races began. A short version is that Emma Crawford came to Manitou Springs for its healing waters since she had tuberculosis. Unfortunately, she did not live long enough to marry her finance, William, who respected her wishes to be buried on Red Mountain. He, along with eleven other men, carried her coffin to the top of the mountain. Some years passed before a storm washed away the mountain along with her coffin. Not all of her bodily remains were found but a headstone in Crystal Valley Cemetery marks where she was technically reburied.

Here’s some pictures from this year’s coffin race! I’ll make an album on my Facebook page for the rest!



DSCN0472DSCN0470 (2)









DIY Pumpkin

Unicorn meets Harry Potter

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

My workplace is having a pumpkin competition and one category is for “Most Creative.” I did a unicorn meets Harry Potter one that involves absolutely no carving. However, instead of waiting until the day before it needs to be done, I would recommend starting a little earlier if you have a lot going on and also not trying to draw circles while others are carving.

The first step is putting a few coats of white spray paint on the pumpkin. I got all my supplies at Walmart, including the white Krylon paint spray.

While I waited for the pumpkin to dry, I used wire cutters to remove some of these fake flowers to make a flower crown for the unicorn.


Once dry and flowers cut, I worked on using the air dry clay to make a unicorn horn. This is where I recommend making sure you have time if you’re a perfectionist. Also, I would do the clay roll a little thinner next time. I spray painted the horn with glittery silver and gold.

After getting the horn situated around the stem, I hot glued the flowers on and used stick-on eye lashes from the beauty section in Walmart.

I added the cheeks but still had to put some more flowers around the top. This was supposed to be the completed pumpkin, but since the size of the pumpkin was a bit larger than expected, I decided to add to it.


This is where the idea of making it a Harry Potter unicorn came in. I added some glasses and Harry’s scar. While it isn’t perfect, I now know how I would do things for next time. I’d also try to add a tail or wings!


Here’s the finished pumpkin with some of leftovers from my Harry Potter Halloween party last weekend!


If you did a unique pumpkin or one you’re just really proud of, let me know! If you can’t post it in the comments, use #coloradosunriseblog on Instagram for me to find you!

To follow me on Instagram, search for @colorado_sunrise_blog or look for Colorado Sunrise Blog on Facebook!

Have a great and safe Halloween week!


Hosting a Harry Potter Halloween Party!

Sorting Cupcakes, Pumpking Pasties, and more!

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

Last week I hosted an early Halloween party with a Harry Potter theme. There are so many great ideas out there and while I would have loved to do every DIY craft possible, time would not have allowed it. However, I was able to get some decorations and foods completed as well as put out most of my Harry Potter memorabilia.

Made some delicious treats!

Some food ideas I baked are cupcakes that you bite into and there’s M&Ms in them which reveal your Hogwarts House. I baked cupcakes, let them cool, cut out a small circle on the top, inserted the M&Ms, put the top back on, and then put cream cheese frosting on top. You weren’t able to see the chocolates at all!

For the pumpkin pasties, I did a recipe I found online. I made adjustments as I went along because they weren’t turning out right. My recommendations (for high altitude) are heat your oven to about 350 degrees, & definitely use paper liners as it makes getting the pumpkin pasties out so much easier. Flatten some sugar cookie dough into the liner about 2/3 of the way up as it will rise. Then put one Tablespoon of pumpkin puree in and sprinkle a mix of three tablespoons powdered sugar and three tablespoons of pumpkin spice on top. I kept them in the oven until they were a darker golden brown.

The simplest one was taking crescent dough and making wizard hats. I put chocolate chips on the bottom and rolled it a couple times and then sprinkled it with a small mix of sugar and cinnamon before baking.

On my other table, I put dragons (Triwizard Tournament reference), an owl, flying keys, black licorice (for the licorice snaps), cauldrons full of Muggle candy and one with Harry Potter candy, Butterbeer, and Pumpkin Juice. For my cauldron of HP candy, I got slugs, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean, and chocolate frogs! You can click here to visit the candy store in downtown Colorado Springs where I got it all from!

I even did a Chamber of Secrets theme for the bathroom and near the entryway! Lumos and Nox were put on all the light switches.

IMG_3233                               IMG_3234






I wrapped some boxes and addressed it like the ones Harry received to put in the cauldron with the broomsticks on top of the trunk. The big black balloon covered with black cheese cloth is supposed to be a Dementor. My friend, Julie, picked up this awesome candle holder for me. My original plan was to have floating candles like in the Great Hall and I was also going to hang witch hats with orange glow sticks in them.

For my costume, I decided not to be a character but an object, and went with the Marauder’s Map! Thanks to my friend, Kristina, for drawing the footprints on my face!


I hope you all enjoyed this post! I know it isn’t like my usual ones but I love getting to share things I love and I know many have a special place for Harry Potter!


White Cheddar Asparagus Soup

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

The weather is starting to get more chilly as fall continues and winter approaches. On those evenings when you just want to go home and snuggle into a mound of blankets without the extra hustle and bustle of making a large meal, soup and crock-pot meals come in very handy.

This past May during Territory Days, which is a big weekend event in Old Colorado City with copious amounts of food and items to check out, my boyfriend and I picked up a 6 oz package of White Cheddar Asparagus Soup by the Coyote Country Seasoning Company. While their actual location is in Arizona, I believe the vendors we talked to said they come to Territory Days each year.


The soup we made was quite simple. For thicker soup, you can use four cups of water or for thinner soup, six ups. We we went in between and used five. You just add the contents of the package into the bowl of water, bring to a boil, and then let it simmer for twenty minutes. The package suggested adding shredded chicken, vegetables, or “being creative” and do what you want. We just put in some frozen vegetables I had heated up in the microwave during the last five minutes and then topped our bowls with cheese. For a side, we bought a loaf of French bread and cute some pieces up and put butter and garlic powder on them. It was very filling and we still have leftovers.


Coyote Country Seasonings, LLC


P.O. Box 3008

Pinetop, AZ. 85935

Phone: 928.367.1284 or 800.852.7454

Fax: 928.367.1299



The British Pantry & Tea Room

Fall High Tea and British Goods

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

One of my favorite places I’ve frequented throughout this past year has been The British Pantry in Old Colorado City. My boyfriend and I discovered it last February when we were celebrating our first anniversary. I ended up doing a couple more teas with friends and stopping in for Turkish Delight. It’s a delightful place and I highly recommend experiencing the High Tea and wearing one of their fabulous hats.

I want to thank the owners, Maria and Rick Uribe, for setting aside the time to let me come in for an interview and a second time to take pictures while my boyfriend and I had another High Tea date.

How did you get started with your business?

Maria previously owned her own company and then fourteen years ago, she and her husband began a consignment shop called Another Man’s Treasure which they also operate in the Springs area. Maria was previously a customer of The British Pantry before the original owners moved out of state. They asked her if she would be interested in purchasing it and they’ve now been the official operators for a year and half.

“Being British, I’ve always wanted to have a little tea room. I’ve had many high teas in Colorado but never really had one that was authentic. I wanted a tea room, and shop, that would be very authentic.”

What are some things that inspire and motivate you as a business owner?

“The Brits that come in that really appreciate that I import different foods from England that you can’t find anywhere else here. Customers inspire me. When I hear someone say that these are the best scones or taste like the ones you get back home, it’s what keeps me motivated.”

Thanks to Rick for capturing this image of Rob and me!

Where do you envision yourself and the business in the next five years?

“Having a second location and/or expanding the team room.”

What is your favorite part of the business?

“The tea room. Getting to serve and bake.”

Fall High Tea for two: Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwiches, House Chicken Salad on Wheat Bread, Sausage Rolls, Plain Scones, Butterscotch Scones, Spice Cupcakes, Cheesecake Bites, & unlimited PG Tips Tea!

What are some of your favorite memories?

“Christmas last year. You get more items that you can’t get at other times of the year like certain chocolates, crackers, and cakes. We do a special High Tea. This year it will start November 17th and the fall High Tea will end the week before.”

Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?

“Just that when the customers come in, they’re going to be greeted warmly. My husband and I are small business owners and we’ve done this for 14 years. They’re going to get a genuinely British experience. I’m from England so I know all the products. We invite people to come try our High Tea. Everything we serve, we make from scratch so we do it ourselves so it’s authentic.”


As always, thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Contact Info for The British Pantry:

2403 Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City

Their phone number is 719.473.6659.

Click here for their website. Click here for their Facebook page.


Rest, Passion, Empowerment

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

I took the last couple of weekends to really just spend some time with family and friends and unwind at home. I’m currently covering an extra position at work, which has been a great learning experience! I’ve had to learn to balance work, blogging, tutoring, Junior League officially started, and life in general… It’s been super busy but I’m loving it!

After that much needed rest, I’m feeling refreshed and am working on several new posts! It’s going to be mixed between restaurants, boutiques, recipes, DIYs, etc. My main focus will still be on keeping everything Colorado themed and supporting the local businesses. I’m going to try out some changes to the layout of the blog pages as well and when those happen, I’d love your feedback!

As always, I’m grateful for the businesses who are wiling to take the time to share their story with us. I also appreciate all of you that read my blog!


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Relax and Revive

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

The amazing owner of Soak shared her story about how she got started, what motivates her, and her plans for the future! Also big thank you for the pictures! 🙂

“I initially got started several years ago making cold process soaps. I was gifted a recipe from my great, great grandma which got me interested in learning more about the process. I modified the recipe for today’s times (because it called for pot ash which no one makes anymore – it’s crazy dangerous and caustic) and went from there. My soap making started out primarily as gift giving and over time people started asking me for more and more. Four years ago, it became the first stages of my official business. Unfortunately, soap making is highly competitive in this area and growing a strictly soap business is difficult. Customers started asking more frequently for things like bath bombs and sugar scrubs to which I obliged. That part of my business grew so rapidly over the last few years to become what we are today.




What fuels and excited me about my business and my craft has changed many times over the years. At first, I wanted to make my own skin care products to control the ingredients that went on my skin and subsequently into my body. There’s simply no way that anyone will ever be able to cut out 100% of harmful chemicals that we take in, but it was important for me to reduce the impact for myself. Over the years, I’ve seen the good things my products have done for some of my customers. They’ve found products I’ve made that don’t irritate their skin or that help them relax after extremely stressful days. They come back happy and sharing testimonials, asking for more product and referring friends and neighbors to me. Seeing the far-reaching impact that one little business can have on people’s lives makes me proud and reminds me that what I’m doing is worthwhile for more than just me. It’s more than just dollar signs and numbers in excel. It’s about creating an experience and improving a life for my customers even in just the smallest of ways.

Soak Owner

Of course, being a business owner, I still have to care about financials too though. Knowing that I’m creating a future for my family and on my terms motivates me to get up every day and create. Sometimes the hours are logn and the work can be so labor intensive that I can barely walk upstairs to my bed at night but I’ve grown a business out of a hobby and a passion. They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, I do work, but I love my craft and have honed my skills and it rarely feels like work. Anyone that has met me at our store, an event or just spoken to me online about my craft knows that I ooze excitement for what I do and that I want people to experience that same feeling when they use my products.




Soak has grown so much in the last four years. While the future is always unknown, I hope that Soak has a place in the Colorado Springs community forever. We are right at that cusp of growth where I believe that with a few more small pushes, we might be able to open a dedicated storefront of our own in the years to come. I envision it as being more than a retail storefront though. I would like to see Soak as a learning space as well. A place where people can come to ask about ingredients, learn what’s best for our skin care needs, customize products that suit them and really feel like a part of the process.”


Here’s some of my most recent purchases! A cauldron bath bomb is perfect for the fall and Halloween season! This glass of mini bath bombs would be perfect to use for some foot soaks. I also got one of these awesome Harry Potter ones that sorts you into your house! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy bath bombs and a glass of wine at the end of the day of a long day?!





Let New Adventures Begin!

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

There wasn’t a post this past Monday and I apologize that today is not the usual one either. I’ve taken on more responsibilities at work and in other activities I’m involved in so I needed to focus on adjusting to a new schedule and those commitments.

I am working on more blog posts though! Fridays will stay the same but I would really appreciate some input about Monday posts. I’ve been linking events for the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas for that following week. However, I’m thinking of switching it up. I may still do one at the beginning of each month of main events I think you guys would be interested in and then have other things the rest of the Mondays of the month.

Would you guys be interested in DIY’s where I try to get most of the supplies from local craft stores, fashion/style/beauty ideas from local boutiques, recipes using (if I can find) locally produced items, etc.? Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re interested in!

Also, if you follow me on my Facebook and Instagram page, I’ve had some issues with posting and ads so I’m working on getting that fixed!

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to your feedback! Have a great weekend!


Sweet Addict Bakery

Caramels & Candies

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few sweet treats featuring caramel sauces from Sweet Addict Bakery. The talented owner, Deidre, was kind of enough to share some background about herself and her business, which is really inspiring! It’s amazing getting to see someone do what they’re passionate about!

“I officially started the business in 2009 while I was attending law school.  My skills were shaped by my Dutch heritage and their superb baking talents – so starting with good recipes really helped develop the basics and then I just expanded from there.  I’m also a stress-eater so the more schooling and harder it got, the more time I spent baking.  At one point my tiny condo kitchen was busting at the seams with candies, truffles, baked breads, cookies, caramels, etc.  About the same time, I found Etsy and started selling.  

I ended up maintaining the Etsy page as a hobby off and on for a few years while I continued school and then began working for the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy in Fort Collins, CO.  Then we started having kids and it got to the point that the hobby was on the verge of becoming more than a full-time job but I wasn’t brave enough to leave my secure position at the SO to pursue it further so I ended up shutting down the page for a few years. 

During that time, we had another kid and my husband’s job moved us to the Springs where he works for the fire department.  I worked with the police department for a short time, but we quickly realized that the two of us working long hours and at odd times of the day was getting very expensive for childcare and we were in fact losing money.  In April of 2016, I quit that job and dedicated to Sweet Addict Bakery full-time.  We starting selling at several farmer’s markets around town, expanded the online listings and established a local customer base.  That freedom also allowed us to expand our family, so now we’ve got three girls:  ages 5, 3 and 6 months.  

I just recently signed a contract to start wholesaling our items as well so they will soon be available in stores across Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Mississippi – with more to come!  

Ideally, I would like to be in my own storefront within the next year.  At the moment, I’m renting out a small commercial kitchen space in one location and then having to transport everything around town to sell at Zero Fox Given and several markets each week.  Having a kitchen and retail space in one location would be awesome!

Truth be told though, I’m living my dream at the moment, so I can’t complain too much.  I have the flexibility and freedom to spend time with my family and work around my husband’s odd schedule while still being able to work a job that I enjoy.  While it’s challenging and I spend a lot of time “working,” I find it extremely satisfying to be creative and make great-tasting foods that other people seem to enjoy as well.” 


You’re probably craving something sweet now so I’m going to share with you a few of the sauces I’ve tried. I first tried Sweet Addict this past Christmas and bought their Red Velvet caramel sauce. Well, that one didn’t last long at all! If you saw my post on Zero Fox Given, I shared that I got some free goodies for being one of the first 25 customers on Grand Opening Day. One item was a Mocha Caramel Sauce.
Oh, my goodness! My boyfriend and I have been drizzling this sauce on our ice cream and it’s so good! You could literally just eat it by the spoonful. For Harry Potter Day, they crated a butterbeer caramel sauce that all my fellow Potterheads should try. This one also is great on ice cream and we have used it for the Cream Soda Float recipe that was available at the Zero Fox Given location. The sauces and caramel candies with a recipe card also make super great gifts!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this business! Thanks again to Deidre for providing the information!

Leave me a comment telling me if you have favorite sauce/caramel and if you use it for a specific recipe so the rest of us can give it a try! Have a great weekend! 🙂


Events for 9/11 – 9/17

Dogs, Crafts, & Beer

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I’d love to hear if you tried anything new or went to any of the events going on around town? I had a work event and went pumpkin and berry picking!

I’m really excited to share that Colorado Sunrise has nearly 300 email followers (you can sign up for updates to your right), over 100 Instagram followers (@colorado_sunrise_blog – featured to your right), & almost 100 likes and follows on Facebook! If you haven’t subscribed, it would mean so much to me! Thanks, everyone!

Check out the very end for FREE days in Denver!










  • Denver Zoo
    • November 3, 6, & 16
  • Denver Art Museum
    • October 7, November 4, & December 2
  • Denver Botanical Garden
    • York Street: November 10 & 11
    • Chatfield Farms: November 7
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    • September 17
    • October 16
    • November 13
    • December 10

Free or Inexpensive Activities in Colorado Springs

Free Adventures

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

I’m doing a “No Spend September” in order to save some money, especially since Christmas will be here before we know it. However, saving money does not mean you have to stay at home!

I’ve compiled a list of free or either relatively inexpensive things you can do in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Many are park and hiking options since I thought with cooler weather and shorter days coming, that would be easier, especially for families, to get out and enjoy the last days of summer. You’ll be able to click on each listed place to go to a website that will have other information you may need.

Parks and Recreational Areas:

Hiking Areas:



Another option to help save money while still enjoying all that Colorado has to offer is to look at Groupon deals.

Hopefully this helps you if you’re also budgeting or looking for new places to visit! Let me know if you’ve been to any of the parks, hiking spots, or museums or if you’re going to try a new one!

Have a great Friday!

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Events for 9/4 – 9/10

Labor Day to Paddle Yoga

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

It has been such a great start to September! I hope you all are enjoying the three day weekend. We checked out the hot air balloons and balloon glow, I tried paddle board yoga, and we’ve just been relaxing at home. I’d love to hear how you spent your Labor Day weekend – leave a comment below!

Also, I’m working on including some more kid-friendly events that are fun for the whole family!









Weekend Getaway

110 Foot Underground Drop to Soaking by the Colorado River

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans! Happy first day of September!

First of all, shout out to my boyfriend’s mom for this graduation gift! We really appreciated it! xoxo

This post is a bit longer since I included many pictures since I’m very visual – hope you enjoy!

My boyfriend and I took the scenic route when driving up to Glenwood Springs two weeks ago. We arrived at the Historic Hotel Colorado pretty late but once we got our stuff to our rooms, we enjoyed sitting outside for a while in front of the fountain.

IMG_2025   IMG_2029IMG_2058

The Hotel Colorado has an “In-Room Breakfast Express” where you can choose breakfast items and put it outside your door before bed. We decided to just have coffee before exploring the next morning. The pot of coffee ended up providing enough for us to each have two cups with cream and sugar.

Once we finished our coffee and got ready for the day, we decided to go look for a breakfast spot. From the hotel, you walk across the street and then over a bridge that crosses the Colorado River. It gives you an amazing view of the town with the river and train tracks and blue skies for days.

We spent most of Saturday at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park! We did all the rides they offered since the lines weren’t crazy long like at Elitch Gardens. The top two for us were the Alpine Coaster and the Haunted Mine Drop. We did the Glenwood Canyon Flyer a few times when we first arrived because, wow, the view! Some other things we did were the climbing wall, checked out the Cowboy Camp, and did a cave tour. Totally felt like a Goonie which I really enjoyed since my boyfriend and I actually took a trip to Astoria, Oregon this past spring so I could go to all the Goonie landmarks.

After we left the adventure park, we went back to the hotel to freshen up before going out to their outside bar area for a drink. We crossed over the river to have a drink at Doc Holliday’s Saloon, a light dinner at The Pullman, and ice cream at The Chocolate Moose.

On Sunday morning, we went to Iron Mountain Hot Springs, which is actually by the tramway gondolas you take up to to the adventure park. They have 16 natural mineral hot springs and a family pool. It’s along the Colorado River so you get to see the Rocky Mountains, the river, and a train went by while we were enjoying our soak. It was nice to just enjoy the scenery, listen to the peaceful music, and read a book without distractions. After our soak, we had to hit the road to get back home. We took a different route, this time through Aspen, Buena Vista, Hartsel, and back to the Springs through Woodland Park.

IMG_2249       IMG_2253    IMG_2251


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and come along on our adventure! I would absolutely love for you guys to leave a comment telling me if you’ve been to Glenwood Springs and what you would recommend doing there or about other places in Colorado you enjoy visiting!

I’ll be putting a room tour and more pictures up on my Facebook page (Colorado Sunrise Blog) and Instagram (@colorado_sunrise_blog) which is featured on the right.

Here’s some links to places we went:


Events for 8/28 – 9/4

$15 Piercing Day to First Caturday

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

Thank you to my aunt for the picture of Rampart Reservoir!









Pals and Paintbrushes

Custom Made Signs

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

I hope you all are as excited for the weekend as I am! On Saturday, the owners of Pals and Paintbrushes will be at Zero Fox Given from 11 – 4 to help you celebrate National Dog Day by creating a custom dog home, love, or Colorado flag sign. You can click here to go to the Facebook event page.

Risa and Goody Goodwin are the masterminds behind Pals and Paintbrushes and they were kind of enough to provide some background about their business and themselves as well as pictures!

“Risa and Goody have been creative their entire lives.  A great date night for them is typically figuring out a new project. From teaching herself to sew at the age of 4, to forcing her friends into participating in regular craft classes, Risa has being a maker in her veins.  She prides herself on being an interior design school drop out and has a business degree. Goody is a retired US ARMY Infantry officer.  After retirement we were looking for a more authentic way to live life.  He is the voice of reason when Risa gets a little to crafty.
Pals & Paintbrushes has been an official business since February 2015.  We repurpose wood into signs, bike pieces into art, and encourage people to stop pinnin’ and start craftin’ by taking our workshops.
Pal-ing around with us is easy.  We do 3 regularly public scheduled monthly workshops, one here at our barn in Green Mountain Falls, one in Manitou at the Buffalo Lodge Biycle Resort, and one on Fort Carson at Tumbleweeds at the Mountain Post.  We are hoping to start a monthly class at Zero Fox Given as well.  We also can come to you to set up a workshop or host your group at our barn.  We aim to please.  We have some suggested workshop ideas but are also open to the concepts of others.  We try to offer a variety of sizes at out workshops.”


These make great decor items to personalize your home as well as gifts! You can find already made signs at Zero Fox Given in downtown COS throughout the week and on the weekend. To contact Risa and Goody about hosting a party, you can use their Facebook page to find more contact information.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to check them out this Saturday for National Dog Day!


Events for 8/21 – 8/28

Solar Eclipse to Topless Day Parade

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

I’m sure one thing we’ll all be doing this week is watching the solar eclipse! Pretty stoked! As always, I would love for you guys to leave any comments if I missed an event, if there’s a type of post you’d like to see, a small business recommendation, or any kind of constructive feedback!



  • $25 Tattoo Day at Pens & Needles from 12 – 8 pm
  • Food Truck Tuesdays at Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum from 11 – 2:30 pm (this will be every Tuesday through Oct. 17th)







Zip Lining

45 mph through Seven Falls

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

My boyfriend and I recently went zip lining through Broadmoor Seven Falls! What an amazing experience!

For those of you who may not be familiar with The Broadmoor or Seven Falls, The Broadmoor is a historic five star hotel here in the Colorado Springs area and Seven Falls is close by featuring some stunning waterfalls. If you have the opportunity to stay a weekend at the hotel, it lives up to its standards and does not disappoint!

You can click here to go directly to the website to find out more info about the different courses and prices of the Soaring Adventure. There’s free parking near the hotel and they drive you to where the course begins. We chose the Woods course priced at $140 per person before gratuity. This includes five lines through Seven Falls, equipment, a ride to the top of the course, and water provided throughout and afterwards. It spanned over about four hours. Our guides were Carl and Annika and they made sure we had all our gear on correctly before having us practice signs and movements such as stopping on a practice line.

The picture on the left is right before the third line and the one on the right is of me going down the fourth. While the lengths of each one varied, we usually went about 45 mph. Over the final one, even the people below on the trails join in on the whooping and excitement.


Here’s some pictures of the scenic views we had, although these photos are incomparable to what you actually see. Click here to see a professional video through YouTube.


Hopefully, we will be able to go back and do one of the longer courses sometime but this was great for our first time! One thing that would have been helpful to know beforehand is that the guides don’t take you back with them. You do a short hike to the entrance of Seven Falls and you can either take a shuttle back to the parking lot or if you’re up for a walk, I suggest that to avoid waiting in the long line.

Overall, I would definitely recommend checking this out if you enjoy beautiful views of the mountains, trees, falls, and trails from great heights and are a thrill seeker.

Have a great weekend!


Events for 8/14 – 8/21

Magic Town to Sam Hunt

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

First, thank you to my aunt for the picture of Rampart Reservoir Cove!

Here’s events for the upcoming week! Let me know if you try anything or leave a comment with information or a link about any that I may have missed!










Zero Fox Given

Grand Opening & Harry Potter Day!

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

On July 15th, my amazing friend, Julie, the Creative Mastermind behind Zero Fox Given opened her first brick and mortar shop in downtown Colorado Springs! You can find mugs, clothing, and pillows with hilarious puns and fun designs.



Grand Opening Celebration!

I asked Julie how she got started and what fuels her passion. She replied, “I’ve owned my own business since 2010, and evolved it into Zero Fox Given in 2016. I love creating unique items, and since I’m pretty nerdy and snarky myself, I thought it was a good direction to take my business! I’m a single mom, and I feel like it’s important to show my son that you can do anything you put your mind to.”

I wore my unicorn shirt to the grand opening and the two pictures on either side are some items I bought at the grand opening:


Julie also shares the space with Sweet Addict Bakery, Soak, and Pals and Paintbrushes. The first 25 customers were given goodies from each of the businesses. Below is the bag I received from ZFG along with a pin, a Tropical Lip Balm from Soak, and a Mocha Caramel Sauce from Sweet Addict Bakery. There were light refreshments like the fox cookie done by Sweet Addict Bakery.


A few weeks after the Grand Opening, ZFG hosted a Harry Potter Day. Customers and fan could watch the movies with 15% off all HP merchandise, play trivia, have snacks, and have the opportunity to win the grand prize of two HP shirts, two HP mugs, a HP tote bag, and a wand.


There will be more themed days planned! To stay updated on everything Zero Fox Given, click here to check out Julie’s Facebook page. You can also find her on Instagram @shopzerofoxgiven.

Coming soon: posts on Soak, Sweet Addict Bakery, and Pals and Paintbrushes!



Events for 8/7 – 8/14

Recon Ride to Postcard Huddle

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

Here’s some events I’ve found for the upcoming week! I would love to hear if you try anything and what you thought about which event(s) you go to. I’m also looking for any feedback on small business/restaurants or events you think I should feature. Just leave a comment below! Thanks!










Namastes and Lattes

Centered and Soothed

Rise and shine, Colorful Coloradans!

First of all, thank you to Kate and Haleigh from Carnelian Coffee for providing pictures from Meghan Lauren Photography!

I went to Carnelian Coffee in Old Colorado City for Namastes and Lattes night. I hadn’t heard of this place before but the event popped up in my Facebook event suggestions and I decided to try it. I’m so glad I did!

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know beforehand if you’re interested in going. The class is the second Wednesday of every month. Some mats are provided or you can bring your own. It’s a one hour Yin Yoga class followed by a 12 oz latte or tea. The total cost was $12.

When you walk into Carnelian Coffee, it’s a large, open space but made cozy by the comfy seating, a book area, and art by locals. Some of the tables had games for people to play. The back area where you order has a small section with some things like soaps and candles to purchase. Back to the book area though! This was probably my favorite part because the little sign by it says to take a book and leave a book. It’s like the Little Free Libraries you see around towns.


During the class, some soft music was playing. The instructor, Jessica, asked everyone if they were okay if she did adjustments while we did our poses. She was awesome about helping me go deeper into my stretch. She spoke about setting our intentions and focusing but letting go of tension and stress. I felt so good afterwards as well as the following days. Near the end of the class, she gave a crystal to each of us who wanted one which helped me become more centered. Next, she put a slight dab of eucalyptus on each of ours palms. I rubbed my palms together and breathed in the scent as I began to come back. Once the class was over, I got a decaf vanilla latte which was really tasteful and soothing.

Carnelian Coffee4.JPG

Overall, I really enjoyed my first experience at Carnelian Coffee and will be going back for the next Namastes and Lattes night which is August 9th at 6 pm. You can click here to check out Carnelian Coffee’s Facebook page! I hope you all enjoyed my post and have a lovely weekend! 🙂


Events for 7/31 – 8/7

Harry Potter to Hans Zimmer!

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

While I’m sad that my favorite month is coming to an end, I can’t wait for everything August holds. Here are the events I’ve found to help you start August off with a bang!





  • CSYP Social at the new Coquette’s Bistro and Bakery from 6 – 8 pm






I hope this helps you all find some new, interesting things to try out! As always, feel free to leave a comment with feedback of any kind. If I missed an event you think needs to be shared, leave a comment with information or a link to an event page! Have a fantastic first week of August!


Renaissance Festival

Pirate Invasion!

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Each weekend has a different theme and this one was Pirate Invasion. For those of you who haven’t been or aren’t aware, you can save some money on tickets by purchasing them through King Soopers or other partnerships like Subway. You can attend the festival on Saturdays and Sundays throughout June and July. The last weekend is July 29-30th and it’s Mardi Gras themed!

There’s a variety of entertainment to be found. Music like The Craic Show, a hypnotist, The Living Fountain, jousting, and much more! You can find many shops to purchase costumes, jewelry, and pottery. There’s also several places you can purchase accessories such as parasols and fans or have your hair braided, face painted, or get some henna. Make sure to bring some extra cash for turkey legs, drinks, meatball sandwiches, frozen cheesecake on a stick, and more! One of my favorite parts is the parade with the carriage, kings and queens, bagpipes, and animals!

This year I bought a parasol and fan from Bazarre Traders to go with my lady-in-waiting outfit from Unicorn Clothing.

Ren Festival9.JPG

For more information, click here! Let me know what you think of the Renaissance! Leave a comment with your favorite theme, food, or activity! Have a great weekend!


Events for 7/24-7/31

Yoga & Brews to Harry Potter Day!

Rise and Shine Colorful Coloradans!

While I will still have a post each Friday about a small business, I have decided to have a Monday post that includes events I’ve come across for the upcoming week. Each event name can be clicked on and you’ll be taken to the Facebook page to find more information. I hope this will help all of you find fun, interesting things to enjoy in the Colorado Springs area!


If there are any events you’ve come across in the area for the week that I didn’t, please feel free to leave a comment on this post with any info or a link to where others can get more info! I’d love any feedback from you guys – whether it’s a small business I should go check out and feature, a restaurant you’d like to hear about, or an event. 🙂


The Coffee Exchange

Twinkle lights and Hollywood

Rise and Shine, Colorful Coloradans!

My boyfriend and I went to The Coffee Exchange for the first time for their Open Mic Night which is every second Thursday of each month starting at 6:30.

The stage area where the performers were had one of those garage type doors that opens up to the outside patio area. The front area when you first come in does have little food menus but the chalkboard area behind the counter space features the main drinks and food items. IMG_1168



We had White Russians and a Mudslide and split an M&M cookie while we listened to two local guys play their guitars and sing.

Here’s the different daily deals and while it’s harder to read the top right part, it says 10% off for military, first responders, and students! They also have a Coffee of the Day which said that it includes one free refill.


We managed to snag some seats at the counter in the very back which gave us a full view of the performers and everything else. The couch area across from us is cute with the surrounding coffee decor and I can see myself enjoying a latte while reading. A cool feature during this month was “A Colorado Tribute to Classic Hollywood and Hollywood Icons” by local artist Ralph Giordano. This only lasts until the end of July though so go now if you’re interested! Also, from what I understand, this is part of Arch Angel Productions based here in the Springs so you can click here for more info.


We had a relaxing evening out. I’d like to go back and try some more of their food items and lattes. If you check out their Facebook page, they’ve posted that the first Friday of each month they do salsa dance lessons which would be another fun date night! Click here to check out The Coffee Exchange Facebook page!

As always, I hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for taking the time to read it!

Bonus pic! This is one of the art pieces from Art on the Streets in the downtown area. It’s called ‘Breathe’ by Joan Benefiel. If you’re interested in finding out more about this piece and others, download the Otocast app, set your location, and listen to an audio tour!

‘Breathe’ is on the same block as The Coffee Exchange. (Located on the south corner across from the bike store.)



Colorado Farm and Art Market

Cupcakes to Dreamcatchers!

Rise and shine, Colorful Coloradans!

Every Wednesday there is the Colorado Farm and Art Market at the downtown Pioneer’s Museum (215 S. Tejon) from 3-7 pm. This usually begins in early June and lasts until early October.

While I still had plenty of fruits and veggies this week, I decided to indulge in my sweet tooth. As you can probably tell by the name, the market doesn’t just focus on healthy foods but a variety of items and also features food trucks. The two I saw while there were The Springs Cupcake Truck (or Coco’s as some may know it) and Bison Brothers Food Truck.


This week I finally tried the cupcake/cakepop and my goodness, they did not disappoint! The unicorn cakepops were discounted as they got smushed on their travels but I had to get one! I also bought a red velvet cupcake. Besides homemade, I have not found a red velvet anything that has pleased me. This was a pleasant surprise and definitely will be a repeat purchase!  Click here to check out their Facebook page!


I ended up at The Sourdough Boulangerie tent and got to try some samples of regular sourdough bread and some flavored with apple. Normally, I wouldn’t go for banana bread but my boyfriend enjoys it. I have to say this is one of the better banana breads as it’s more moist and the edges were more sweet. Click here to check out their Facebook page!IMG_1118

I had my Rat Terrier, Hermia, with me at the market and this young girl raising funds for a trip, I believe, asked me if I would like to buy her a bandanna so we ended up with a Day of the Dead themed one and a sugar cookie. (I know, I know… my sugar craving is apparent here!)  I unfortunately can’t remember the name of their business though. Click here to check out the CO Farm and Art Market Facebook page!


The final food item I bought was a cherry jam from Blue Owl Preserves. I actually had their strawberry rhubarb jams over Christmas time so this was the only one yesterday that wasn’t a first for me. I haven’t tried this jam out yet but if it’s anything like the first one, I’ll keep coming back for more! Check out their Facebook page!IMG_1121

My final purchase was a dreamcatcher. I didn’t catch the exact name of the business but the ladies name was Heather. She also had jewelry but the purples, greens, and blues of the dreamcatcher caught my eye.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s blog! I really enjoyed getting to try out some new things and getting to share my experience with you! I’ll try to make sure I catch vendor names and get emailed receipts to share a general pricing range for future posts. Thank you for taking the time to read Colorado Sunrise and have a great weekend! 🙂


Small Beginnings

Exploring and finding new gems

Happy Monday, Colorful Coloradans!

First of all, hello! My name is Emma and I’m a native to Colorado Springs and have a passion for small businesses as I come from a family of small business owners! This town has so much to offer from shops to restaurants to events. One of my favorite activities is exploring and finding new gems to share with my family and friends. On some of our local Facebook community pages, I often see not only people visiting but those who live here trying to find a new place to eat or have a drink of find events for the weekend. My goal is to share with all of you some of my favorite places and take you along with me as I discover new ones!